Housewife in Japan – Ehou maki sushi – 恵方巻 作り方 <視聴時間 6:13>

Housewife in Japan – Ehou maki sushi – 恵方巻 作り方

(字幕あり) How to make Ehou maki sushi for the Japanese holiday, Setsubun. 節分だから、恵方巻の作り方を教えてあげるわ

Housewife in Japan is a Japanese life youtube tv show teaching you how to cook and clean in Japan.


Any 7 ingredients that you want to put inside
rice vinigar すし酢 sushi su
rice ご飯 gohan
nori のり nori

I used

denbu でんぶ (pink coloured fish shavings)
kanpyou かんぴょう (made from a type of gourd)
kuro goma 黒ごま black sessame seeds
takuan たくあん (made from daikon)
tamago 卵 egg
chikuwa ちくわ (made from fish cake)
kani かに crab

don’t put to much vinigar in your rice, just a little to give flavor. Let cool and put the rice on half of your nori. Don’t cover the whole thing other wise you will not have a beautiful roll, but it will have a line of nori going through it. Roll and its ready ^^

Enjoy cooking 🙂


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