Decoration Sushi (Chirashizushi) ハートのちらし寿司 <視聴時間 2:57>

オリンピックの超簡単レシピ ちらし寿司の作り方  ★ひなまつりに♪ Chirashizushi : Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish

Hinamatsuri(Girl’s festival in Japan) is on March 3rd and
Many spring events in Japan are coming up soon.
Plam flowers, Cherry blossom…

Pink color and these flowers will bring to mind the spring. How about you ?
This is very convinient sushi for any events, parties and BENTO too !
You can use any ingredients if you like.

Today’s Ingredients
・1 egg
・some carrots
・some pees
・some sausage (fish paste)
・Ikura (salmon roe)

**The Pink Rice**
・320g cooked Japanese rice (short-grain rice)
・1tbs vinegar powder for sushi(Susshi UME flavor)
**The Mixed Rice **
・500g cooked Japanese rice (short-grain rice)
・1 pack “Chirashi zushi no moto” ミツカン・ちらしすしの素

Product I used:

**The Mixed Rice **
mizkan Chirashizushi no moto(ミツカン・ちらしすしの素)
**The Pink Rice**
Sussi UME flavor(カラフルおすし・すっしー 梅味)


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