Chikuzen-ni 筑前煮 チクゼンニ japanese food <視聴時間 7:13>

Chikuzen-ni 筑前煮 チクゼンニ japanese food

筑前煮 chikuzen-ni, Japanese style chicken stew with vegetables
鶏もも肉 chicken leg, chicken thigh
にんじん carrots
ごぼう burdocks
こんにゃくkonnyaku, jelly cake made of devil’s tongue
干ししいたけ dried shiitake mushrooms
里芋 sato imo, taros
だし(かつおだし) dashi, bonito powder, a stock, a seasoning, a broth
しょうゆ syouyu, soy sauce
みりん mirin, sweet sake
砂糖 satou, sugar
塩 shio, salt

The broad female staff shoots videos, takes photographies, and edits them.
Please sit back, relax, and watch her try. Hope to entertain you.

May not be good at cooking. The process could be rough.
It is rather her own way of cooking. Yet, it is real. Real cooking of the Japanese female in her twenties.

Willing to show the videos like documentaries. Hoping to broadcast the reality.

Strolling/Taking a walk
Could be blurry, but delivering the fact that Japan is such an awesome place.


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