Chocolate macarons or Rilakkuma macarons ♡ リラックマチョコレートマカロンの作り方 レシピ <視聴時間:5:55>

Chocolate macarons or Rilakkuma macarons ♡ リラックマチョコレートマカロンの作り方 レシピ

Hi everyone, today we’re going to make Rilakkuma macarons! Of course you can use this recipe to make simple chocolate macarons with chocolate buttercream filling, but it’s so cute in a Rilakkuma shape!

Chocolate buttercream filling (you can also use it for cakes, it’s delicious)

Ingredients :

black chocolate 100g
Whipping cream 125ml
a little bit of honey
butter 15g (I used salted butter)

Heat up the fresh cream and add the honey to it. Once it’s hot, put it on the black chocolate to melt it. Once melted, add the softened butter. Stir until the butter disappear.

Let it cool down. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge.

Macaron Shells (for about 20 macarons)

ingredients :

almond powder (almond ground) 90g
powdered sugar 150g
cocoa powder 15g

egg whites 70g
powdered sugar 10g

Sift the almond powder, the powdered sugar and the cocoa powder together.
Then mix the egg white with your hand mixer at low speed at first. Gradually increase the speed. When foamy, add the powdered sugar in two times. Stop when you get a stiff peak.
Add the sifted almond powder/powdered sugar/cocoa powder to the eggs. Starting from the edge, start folding onto the the center to incorporate the powders to the egg whites. Keep doing this and flatten the batter slightly. Continue to work the batter until you get a ribbon when the batter drips off the spatula.
Put in a pastry bag and secure.
On a parchement paper, squeeze the pastry bag to get the desired shape and size.
Let it rest for about 20 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 150 degrees.

Then bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

After baking let the shells cool down in a place with no humidity.

Take a shell and put a generous amount of buttercream filling. Close with another shell on top by twisting it. When you’ve done all the macarons you can keep them in the fridge in a box. Wait until the next day to eat. It will taste even better!!!

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