LOVE Sushi (Chirashizushi) Recipe for Valentine’s Day バレンタインにちらし寿司 レシピ <視聴時間 3:22>

LOVE Sushi (Chirashizushi) Recipe for Valentine’s Day バレンタインにちらし寿司 レシピ


Even kids can make 😉

Not knowing how easy this recipe is, everybody will think you are just unbelievable 😛

Chirashizushi is sushi rice served on a plate or bowl topped with a variety of colorful toppings such as sashimi and garnishes. It is also known as scattered sushi.

It is eaten annually on Hinamatsuri (ひなまつり) in March or for any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, etc…

This is an easy Chirashizushi recipe using Chirashizushi seasonings called Sushi Taro (すし太郎)! It can make an authentic Chirashizushi and tastes pretty good, so if you can find it at Asian grocery stores you have to try it out 😉

Save time on cooking on Valentine day and spend more time with your family or your loved one! hehe

LOVE Sushi (Chirashizushi)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5min
Number of servings: 2

13cm (5.1-inch) heart shaped cake pan

500g (1.1lb.) cooked Japanese rice (short-grain rice)
1 Sushi Taro (永谷園 すし太郎)
Kinshi Tamago (shredded egg crepes)
Ikura (salmon roe)
Sakura Denbu (pink colored seasoned shredded codfis)
Nori sheet

1. Place cooked Japanese rice in a bowl. Add Sushi Taro (すし太郎) while the rice is hot and slice through rice using rice paddle to separate the grains.
2. Pour hot water over the Kinshi Tamago to make it soft.
3. Lightly press down the sushi rice in a heart-shaped cake pan, turn the pan upside down on a plate, and slowly lift the pan up.
4. Garnish with Kinshi Tamago, Ikura, and Sakura Denbu.
5. Cut out Nori sheet for the letters and place them right before you serve so that they won’t wilt.


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